Healthy Pet Food for Dogs and Cats

Fake: Today’s world is all about convenience, and keeping up with our fast-paced lives. Our busy schedules have us reaching for a quick and easy meal. These fast and processed foods are harder for our body to process resulting in obesity and diabetes rates rising off the charts. It is no different in the world of pets! Grabbing the best-looking package off the shelf from wherever you’re shopping that day isn’t the best long-term health solution for your pet. Packaging can be very deceiving! Even brands that put fruits and veggies on the package can still contain dyes, colors and additives that can affect your pet’s health long term. Here at Mighty Pet we encourage you to flip over the bag and read the label. What are the first few ingredients in the bag?

Cheap: Now we’re not saying you need to buy the most expensive food out there to improve the quality of nutrition your pet is receiving. Did you know that feeding your pet a food with less filler and fake ingredients that they will eat less and feel satisfied longer? (We like to compare this to eating an eggs for breakfast vs sugar cereal, you consume more calories, but you’re hungry again in an hour, and the additives keep you craving more.) High quality nutrition foods often have more calories per cup, so you’re feeding less per day, therefor your food bag last longer! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. We have many cost-effective options here at Mighty Pet.

Unfulfilling: When your food is full of binders, fillers, artificial preservatives and colors, your pet doesn’t absorb nearly enough nutrition. This leaves them hungry and unsatisfied AND you are left with picking up more waste from the yard! Yes, some breeds (labs, pugs, etc) will always act like they are starving and will do anything for a treat. Don’t let them fool you. High quality food, has more nutrition packed into each cup, and with less filler and binder your pet is more likely to absorb more of the nutrients it needs to have adequate energy and feel satisfied with their meal.

Let’s get back to REAL food, fresh ingredients and food that our bodies were meant to process. Stop in soon and let us help you with a healthier option for your pet!