This Puppy’s Growing:

Grumpy Cat has more likes on Facebook than Heinz Ketchup and you bought a pink and glitter covered pooper-scooper to match your pet Yorkie’s collar (admit it, we already know.) This information leaves all of us at Mighty Pet to believe one thing: Americans LOVE their pets! Everyone here at Mighty Pet, from owners to staff, completely gets it and that’s because all of us love our pets too.

As pet owners, we’re always looking for ways to improve the lives of our pets. We want them to play more, eat the kind of food that will make them feel their best, listen well, play with others and make the trips to the vet a visit they look forward to instead of dragging them whilst meowing and barking the whole time.

So about a year ago, we sat down with our team of owners and managers and said, “What can we do better? How can we help pets and the people that love them?” After much planning and consideration, we now get to watch all of our ideas come to life. The best part? Passing along all the exciting news onto our fantastic customers!

Doggie Day Camp

A part of the Mighty Pet expansion is the addition of “Doggy Day Camp”. While you’re at work, you can drop your dog off at Doggie Day Camp where activities and exercise will reinforce basic social skills and discipline. “We are creating a place where dogs will look forward to coming to enjoy the exercise and get the mental stimulation they need,” says Mighty Pet Manager and fellow pet lover Rochelle Anderson.

Pet Lodge

For many pet owners, going out of town means worrying about what to do with your fur family. Mighty Pet has a solution- Mighty Pet Lodge. Pets will sleep on a raised cozy cot in a private cabin where they can bring their blankie, food and toys from home as well as participate in Day Camp activities. So while you’re on vacation, your pet will be on one, too. Rochelle Anderson hopes to give pet owners peace of mind with the new Pet Lodge, “We treat each pet like they are one of our own; that means lots of love!”


Owners, Keith and Barb Killen, also want to invite you to come by Mighty Pet and watch the progress of the stores expansion and clinic addition to be complete this September. “We hope you will look forward to checking out the extended variety of nutritional pet foods as they will now be including raw and holistic foods as well as prescription diet pet food to their already extensive selection.”

Pet owners: it’s time to rejoice! Mighty Pet has a solution to any and every one of your pets’ needs. Haven’t checked us out yet? Bring your pet and make sure to stop into our M&M plaza location today- your furry friends will thank you for it and maybe even repay you in puppy kisses. (Sorry cat owners, you will most likely get no visible thanks from your cat. They will internally thank you and you will never know.)

Mighty Pet Care Coming Soon!