June has been a particularly buggy month here in the Northwoods! The amount of customers calling or stopping in about safe Mosquito repellent for dogs & cats has been overwhelming! Beyond being making everyone itch, they can carry diseases such as West Nile and Heartworm. So protecting your pet from Mosquitos, as well as Ticks and Fleas is important if they’re hanging outside, taking walks on warm summer evenings, playing in the lake or river and hanging out with you by the bon-fire!

Dogs-MosquitosWhat you can do:

  1. There are a few Flea and Tick Topical Treatments that repel Flea’s, Ticks and Mosquitos. But make sure to read the packaging or ask a Mighty Pet Team Member for help to make sure it repels, as most Flea and Tick treatments kill, but don’t necessarily repel, allowing the bug to still bite!
  2. There are natural “non-chemical” or insecticide based sprays you can use to help repel bugs. The Mighty Pet Staff has been using Vets Best Flea and Tick Spray with essential oils to keep the bugs at bay on some of our dogs. However, take caution when using essential oils with cats; some essential oils can be toxic to them! Check with a Vet to make sure they are safe for your animal.
  3. The best alternative would be to avoid the outdoors during the time of days the Mosquitos are worst, typically early morning or evening. Keeping cats indoors is ideal, as it is harder to find a repellent safe for them.

What to AVOID:
Do not use DEET products or human repellents. The chemicals can be toxic to dogs and cats when ingested at high doses. Dogs and cats may lick it off and ingest it, resulting in toxicity.

Written by: Rochelle Anderson
Mighty Pet Store Manager