Did you know that cheap, low nutrition foods can result in as much as 70% more poop? Because Mighty Pet’s higher quality pet foods have less filler, your pet can get the same nutrition with 1/2 the food. Your pet food can last longer, meaning good pet food does not necessarily cost more! You can get a happier, healthier pet, fewer visits to the vet, a better coat, and less poop to scoop by switching to a higher quality pet food, at Mighty Pet!

Don’t play label detective at the big box store. Stop in soon and let us help you with find a healthier option for your pet!

Bulk Treats

Don’t get caught without your pup’s favorite snack! Buy in bulk and save on treats at Mighty Pet. Choose from 36 awesome varieties of fresh crunchy biscuits and chewy bulk treats. These pet friendly snacks are sure to delight your furry family!

Live Bugs

Live Bugs

We carry fresh live crickets & worms. Our crickets are raised with first class TLC on quality diets in special facilities to make sure they provide a great source of vitamins and proteins for your pet. Big crickets or small crickets, Mighty Pet has what you need for your reptile.

Fast Fact: Most reptiles typically eat their food whole. As a general rule, crickets should be no longer than the distance between the eyes of the animal enjoying them.

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