With the continued warnings and concerns about chicken treats coming from China, Mighty Pet wants you to know that we’re watching out for your pet. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been refining our treat selection over the last few years to include LOTS of products that are made in the USA, and are all natural, with no artificial stuff. Even better, we’ve been finding some great local things that are made in Wisconsin, Michigan and the Midwest! We’ve been asking the questions about where the ingredients come from, not just where it’s packaged.

MP-Pet-treatsAs you can imagine, it isn’t always easy to explain why we don’t recommend some brand name products that are all over the TV. But we want you to know, that we are choosing not to carry those items, or any items that may be an unnecessary risk for your pet.

As we continue to refine our mix we will be expanding your options for healthier treats and reducing the number of items that don’t fit Mighty Pet’s stand against low quality nutrition. So if you come in for your favorite snack, and it’s no longer on our shelf, we’ll be happy to help you find new quality treat that your fur babies will love and you can feel great about!

We ask the questions you would ask, we follow the pet community news and we make the choice not to offer some products with your best interest in mind. We’re looking out for your family like it’s our own.

Written by: Rochelle Anderson
Mighty Pet Store Manager