Enjoy summer safely with your pets! Parents worry about the safety of their children and, at Mighty Pet, we feel pet parents should too! There are many simple ways to protect your pet this summer that you may or may not have thought about. Here are some potential summer risks to consider:

MP-CC-Summer-Fun· Leaving a dog in the car – Did you know that the inside of a car can heat up to 104 degrees within 30 minutes on a 70 degree day? It’s best to keep them at home when it’s hot. Leaving windows open does little to alleviate the heat buildup inside a car. It also creates the risk of them escaping the car and getting loose in a parking lot. We see it happen at Mighty Pet every summer! We’ve actually had animals run into other stores at the Plaza after escaping a hot car and get brought to us panting and tired. If you’re running errands with your dog, look for pet friendly places to shop such as Mighty Pet and ACE Hardware!

· Hot Temps – If you take your dog out on a warm summer day, make sure to pack some water, something cool for the dog to chew on and find some shade! At Mighty Pet we carry a variety of portable water options for watering your dog on the go, as well as freezable toys to chew on. We also carry cooling mats for them to lay on at home! Consider altering your daily walking routine to early mornings or evenings. Dogs cannot choose to wear less clothing like a humans can and their hair can make them heat up quickly. Watch for signs of heat stroke like excessive panting, sticky or dry tongue and gums, staggering and body temps of 104-110 degrees. Don’t forget how hot pavement can get! Avoid walking the dog on hot surfaces that may burn their pads!

· Bugs – Keeping the bugs off ourselves has been hard enough already this summer and keeping them off your pets isn’t easy either! Some flea and tick treatments, such as Advantix II and BioSpot, also repel mosquitos, but not all do. If you already have a topical flea and tick treatment on your pup, you may want to consider a natural repellent you can spray on the dog to repel mosquitos. Be careful of spraying anything toxic on the dog that they may try to lick off. Mighty Pet carries a few options of natural flea, tick and mosquito sprays.

· Water Safety – Not all dogs are natural swimmers. If you’re taking your dog out on a boat or for a long swim in the lake/river you may want to consider a dog life jacket. Watch for signs of fatigue! Dogs can drown too!

· Travel Safety – Be prepared for yourself and your pup. Pack extra water and make sure your cell phone has plenty of charge in case you get stranded or have an emergency! If you’re traveling out of town for a while you may want to research vets in the area, just in case you have an emergency during your stay. Always bring an extra leash and carry treats with you in case you need to entice the dog back into the car. You may also want to consider purchasing a seatbelt harness for your dog. This helps prevent the dog from flying out of the car in the case of a wreck, makes sure the dog doesn’t get under your feet while driving, and secures the dog from leaping from the car when you stop. Mighty Pet carries the Kurgo 3-in-1 harness that you can use as a car harness and for walking. It also comes with a short lead so you can just grab the dog for a quick potty break without having to dig for a leash!

· Sun exposure – Light haired dogs or dogs with thin coats may need to be protected with a dog sunscreen. Just like bug spray, you want to make sure your sun screen is nontoxic in case it’s ingested and approved for use on a dogs coat.

· Fireworks and Thunder – last, but not least, if your dog gets stressed by loud noises, such as fireworks or thunderstorms, keep them safe inside during these events. More dogs are lost on the 4th of July than any other time of the year. They tend to run when they are scared! Mighty Pet carries a variety of calming products, from Thunder Shirts to natural calming treats to help settle your dog during these stressful events.