Doggie Day Camp

Want your pooch to have a social life? While you’re working your dog could be chillin’ with his peeps at our Doggie Day Camp. A well-played pooch will be a better K9 citizen at home and in the neighborhood! Basic social skills and discipline will be a part of Day Camp. We are creating a place where dogs will look forward to coming to enjoy the exercise and mental stimulation they need.

Doggie Day Camp Package

Daily Rates

  • Full Day: $20
  • Half Day: $13
  • Book 4 Days the 5th One Free!

Pets must be up to date on vaccinations for doggie day camp.
Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Fleas, Ticks
Cats: Rabies, Distemper

Pre-Registration Screening

Pre-Registration Screening is a half day of day camp for your pet with our trained staff. This registration and screening will allow our staff to get to know your pet individually and give us insight on how we can treat your best friend like our best friend during their future visits.

Mighty Pet Camp Counselors are all Pet Lovers who are trained and certified in Pet Care.


Mighty Pet Doggie Day Camp is
now taking appointments.

Call: (906) 723-0253

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What does Day Camp entail?

Day Camp will be a rotation of play and rest. Play session in the morning, a midday nap, and afternoon session. They may get some treats as a reward or incentive during the day. Sanitized toys and activity equipment are provided. We do not think you need to provide anything for the day, but if you feel there is something you need to provide, please discuss that with us during your pre-stay assessment.

What do I need to pack for Overnight Lodging?

At Mighty Pet we understand pet’s needs; we know that being introduced into new surroundings, no matter how fun, carries with it a certain amount of excitement and stress. Here are some things you can do to help make your pets stay as easy and carefree as possible. Think about it as packing for a trip or child care.

Food: Understanding pet nutrition, you know that changing the food your pet eats is not a simple or casual event, especially when introduced into new surroundings. When you pack, we ask that you prepare their regular food in quart size plastic zip bags, one measured portion in each bag for each feeding. For example: if the stay is for 5 nights and we are feeding twice a day, then you would bring 12, pre-portioned quart size zip bags. One for the evening feeding upon arrival, two per day during their stay, and one for the morning feeding before pick-up.

Please bring the pre-portioned bags of food and treats in a separate bag from blankets or toys.

Treats: Typically, your pet will get some treats during the day as a reward for bathroom breaks and possibly incentives during play time. Normally about 4 high quality camp provided treats per day. If you desire any additional treats, please provide a plastic zip bag marked “treats” and when you would like them provided.

Familiars: Your pet’s cabin will be provided with a complementary raised cot. If your pet has a special blanket that would make them more comfortable, please bring it folded in a separate bag. One blanket will be plenty. If it were to get soiled we will wash it for the next night. Please be aware that some wear or fading could occur. Also, you can bring along up to three safe toys they will not destroy in their cabin.

How many bathroom breaks will my pet get?

Dogs get routine bathroom opportunities. These will be scheduled first thing in the morning, after the first feeding on the way to Day Camp, at the end of Day Camp, before nap time, after nap time on way to afternoon Day Camp, after Day Camp, after evening feeding, and before lights out.

Cats may break at their own leisure in their own separate litter box.

What if my pet does not get along with another pet?

It is our goal to accurately assess your pet’s personality and its needs during your pre-stay assessment.

We do have the capability of creating several different separate play groups within the Day Camp area and during the resting period, your pet will have its own personal cabin to retreat to.

Cats have their own condo in their own separate room as to not have to socialize with the likes of a dog.

How do reservations work?

All dogs will need to complete a pre- stay assessment before coming to Day Camp or Lodging. This assessment is a half day of day camp where you will drop them off to be assessed and then have play time after. You will receive your pet’s assessment results when you arrive to pick them up from their half day. These results will tell us which pets your dog can play with and which we should avoid. Once your pet’s assessment has been completed, you can schedule Day Camp or Lodging at any time.

Cats do not need to have an assessment completed so reservations can be made for the same day.

What to expect at check-in?

All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier when entering the facility.

If you are checking your pet in for a pre-stay assessment, you will need to be with them for 15 minutes to answer questions with the staff. Once you have answered all of the questions, you will leave your pet for day camp with the Camp Counselor.

Lodging and Day Camp participants will have paperwork to fill out for their stay with us. Day Camp paperwork will need to be filled out once before your pet’s first stay. Lodging paperwork will be updated each time your pet stays with us. Paperwork will take 10 minutes to do with the receptionist or camp counselor.

What about the Assessment Appointment?

We will schedule all dogs for pre-stay assessments for your pet’s safety. Our assessments will be done one-on-one in a controlled environment. This temperament assessment will allow us to gauge which play groups your pet would do well in and which we should avoid. Vaccinations are required and must be up-to-date before the pre-stay assessment is completed for dogs. Vaccines we require for dogs include Rabies, Distemper, Lepto, and Bordetella. Cats are required to be vaccinated for Rabies and Distemper and these must be updated before their lodging stay as no assessment will be conducted on cats.