While watching TV tonight a commercial came on for a big name, grocery brand dog food company. Every time I see commercials like these I cringe. They use the words tasty, happy, healthy and wholesome to influence pet owners to believe that they are something more than they are. Last time I checked, artificial flavoring, artificial preservatives, dyes, colors and fillers weren’t “wholesome”.

Mighty-Pet-FoodYes, your dog/cat may think it tastes good. Yes, your dog/cat may appear to be thriving on this food (short term). It can take years for a pet to show the damage years of eating a diet full of artificial materials and fillers can do.  Dry coat, brittle nails, kidney failure, urinary tracts issues, hot spots, obesity, cancer, allergies, the list goes on and on.

Many of you reading this already understand what I am saying.  You’re already a Mighty Pet customer.  You are a pet lover, and already buy foods with great nutritional value for your beloved pet. You know that everything you see about pet nutrition in mass advertising in not necessarily true.  You understand that all pets are different and that any one food, no matter how slick the ad, can deliver on the broad claims made on TV for all pets.

At Mighty Pet we focus on PREMIUM nutrition, high quality nutrition, no low value big named nutrition. The price per pound on the bag of premium food might be more. However, by feeding a higher quality food, your dog will absorb more nutrients, meaning your dog feels fuller longer. A high quality food has denser nutrition per cup, more calories per cup. Meaning you feed less and your dog eats less. Your dog has more energy. Your dog sheds less. Your dog poops less! Yes less poop to scoop!

Therefore, your bag of food last LONGER, you buy food less often and you can actually SAVE yourself money in the long run! Consider your friends and family that are pet lovers.  If they are struggling with what to feed their pet, send them to us at Mighty Pet.  Helping people match their unique and special pet with the right nutrition is why we are here.  Let us show them how great nutrition does not have to cost more per serving and how it delivers a greater benefit.

When it comes to pet nutrition, the results may not be “As Seen On TV”.

Written by: Rochelle Anderson, Store Manager