Mighty Pet is for Pet Lovers

You won’t find low-nutrition value pet food in our store. Why? Mighty Pet is for pet lovers. Offering your pet a nutritious meal with real health benefits is something we take pride in. You no longer have to worry about becoming a label detective; we have several on staff, so just ask!

Show your pet how much you love them. Ask our expert staff how you can improve your pet’s life. You will find a helpful knowledgeable staff at Mighty Pet and you won’t have to walk the length of a football field and back again, to shop a warehouse-like chain store with limited quality and variety. Our shopper-friendly store is full new and innovative products to save you time and money finding solutions to all your pet problems.

Let us help you make the best choices for your pets.

At Mighty Pet, pet solutions are all we do!

Locally Owned & Operated;  proudly serving our community since September 2009.