• The Anderson Family

Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, we can’t help but look back on how far we have come and how fortunate we are. We could [...]

Vaccine Awareness Month

No one enjoys having a sick child and, well, your pets are your babies, right!? Here at Mighty Pet, we feel that if we can [...]

  • Healthy Pet Food for Dogs and Cats

You are what you eat. Don’t be fake, cheap or unfulfilling!

Fake: Today’s world is all about convenience, and keeping up with our fast-paced lives. Our busy schedules have us reaching for a quick and easy [...]

Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitos, oh my!

So many treatments to choose from…which ones right for my dog/cat. Warmer weather, rain, sunshine, flowers, grass…ah spring is in the air! But spring brings [...]


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